The Varsity Club

Since 2012, I’ve worked with key stakeholders as principal digital lead at Oxford Leisure; producing numerous pieces of design, photography, branding and developing websites and digital assets across the six venues.

The Varsity Club (TVC) is a Roof top bar in the heart of Oxford which forms part of the Oxford Leisure group. The venue launched in 2013 and operates over four floors, with each floor carrying its own identity and unique selling points.

As with most brands the logo required particular attention. I pursued a few avenues knowing it needed to communicate the different facets of the business. The design I landed on clearly illustrated this using a rendered image of the building to illustrate the various offering of the venue. I went on to produce a carefully considered set of brand guidelines that would work across all TVC’s branded materials: from print to onsite banners.

I developed a website to clearly communicate the variety of services that TVC offer. The responsive design lends itself perfectly to prospective visitors being able to browse the site with ease across multiple devices. I wanted to create a website that wasn’t just a calling card, but ensured both that all necessary information was available and easily accessible to potential visitors from a UX perspective as well as creating something that was visually exciting and would encourage people to get in contact and book the spaces available.


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